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Puppy & Kitten Therapy Parade

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Puppy & Kitten Therapy Parade

We all feel it – the stress and anxiety that comes with having our lives turned upside down by a global pandemic. One beautiful surprise that has come out of the crisis is the surge of new puppy and kitten adoptions! In the last month, we saw 4x the amount of puppies and kittens than normal! On this page, we have assembled a slide show of the adorable kittens and puppies that are new to the Lakewood Fur Family. Our hope is that the sight of all this cuteness will take your mind off your troubles and give you the paw-sitive boost you need. Look at these faces! Look at these furbabies! Pets truly are the best medicine.

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If you have welcomed a furry new bundle of joy into your home and need a veterinarian, schedule an appointment here. If you would like to add your puppy or kitten to the slideshow, submit their photo here. If you are in need of more petitation to brighten up your quarantine and are ready to become a pet foster or parent, visit Dallas Animal Services to apply here.