Preventatives Update

Special Update on Heartworm Preventative!

We know how much you love your dogs and they are truly a part of your family.  That is why we value their health as much as you do.  Sadly, we often see sick dogs with an illness that can be easily avoided – heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is common and potentially fatal. It has been diagnosed in all 50 states and unfortunately, Dallas is a region where it strikes most often.  In fact, Texas has the fourth largest heartworm positivity rate in the country.  Heartworm is spread by mosquitos and it only takes one infected mosquito bite for your dog to acquire heartworm disease.

We have been fighting heartworm disease for a long time but unfortunately the problem gets worse every year.  Making things worse, recent studies have shown some resistance to the standard heartworm preventatives we have used over the years (Ivermectin and Milbemycin oxime).  Also, studies show over 40% of pet owners have forgotten a monthly heartworm dose.  While not new, heartworm prevention products which contain Moxidectin as the active ingredient have shown much less resistance and in some studies 100% effectiveness when given as directed to prevent heartworm infection. 

Because of this, we have decided to offer Proheart and Simparica Trio as heartworm prevention options through the clinic.  Both options are superior because they contain Moxidectin as their active ingredient.

  • Proheart is an injectable heartworm preventative that can last either six or twelve months (the 6-month injection is available for dogs 6 months and older and the 12-month injection is available for dogs 12 months and older).  Proheart offers a sustained release mode of action, assuring 6 or 12 months of heartworm protection in one simple dose.  With Proheart, you no longer need to worry about missing a dose or wonder if your dog threw up the medication without your knowledge.  Your dog will still need additional treatment for fleas/ticks and we recommend Bravecto (each chew lasts 12 weeks).
  • Simparica Trio is an all-in-one monthly option and will prevent heartworms, many intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks.  It comes in a tasty chew which most dogs will take like a treat.

Both medications qualify for rebates through the Zoetis website

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the clinic for more information,

– Dr. Wright & The Lakewood Team