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Dental Care

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Dental Care

Dental Care

Caring for our own dental health is a daily routine in our lives, including brushing and flossing as well as twice-yearly cleanings and exams. Remember that our pets need regular oral care as well.  By three years of age over 70% of companion animals have some form of periodontal disease.  Left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to pain, infection, tooth loss and even systemic disease (heart, liver and kidney disease).  Keeping your pet’s mouth free of periodontal disease will improve their quality of life and help them to live longer.

Regular home care is just as important as professional dental cleaning and assessment.  There are many products made to enhance and maintain oral health in companion animals.  The Veterinary Oral Health Council is a good resource for pet parents to help guide them on safe and effective oral health products.  Nothing is more effective than brushing and most animals can be trained to allow you to brush their teeth.

A thorough dental exam will be performed with every physical exam.  Our doctors will make oral care recommendations based on your pet’s age, health status, and exam findings.  Most animals need annual professional cleaning and assessment after three years of age.  Frequent assessments help find problems sooner before they can progress and cause more disease.  A big part of the oral health assessment is digital dental radiography (X-rays).  This allows our doctors to fully evaluate each tooth above and below the gum line. 

If you have concerns about your pet’s oral health or would like more information schedule your pet’s dental exam with our office today!