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Pain Management

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Pain Management

Pain Management

The importance of pain management has been well documented over the years.  Pain contributes to suffering and animals who are painful have prolonged healing times and a reduced quality of life.  The doctors and staff and Lakewood Veterinary Center believe pain control is a vial aspect of caring for your pet. 

Many animals do not show outward signs of pain because of the instinctual desire to show no signs of weakness.  In the wild, weak animals would be preyed upon by predators.  If owners notice their pet “slowing down” or “just getting old” they should be evaluated for pain to see if medication could help.

We believe in the multi-modal approach to pain control.  Many drugs work synergistically, enhancing their pain control action when used together.  Multi-modal pain control relies on various prescription medications along with supplements, nerve blocks and therapy (cold) laser* to help control pain. 

*See our FAQ on Cold Laser Therapy

Common Signs of Pain:

StiffnessHesitation to Move
Decreased ActivityNeck Weakness
Lagging behind on walksTrembling
Difficulty standing upDepressed Appetite
Pacing, Restlessness, Biting,Running with “Bunny Hops”
Slow to Sit or Lay DownUnusual Crying or Whining – or yelping when touched
Avoidance of StairsArched Back, Head Lowered or Tilted
Muscle Atrophy (loss)Panting (Increase in respiration)