Special Message From Dr. Wright

Hello Lakewood Vet Center family. We hope you are moving into the holiday season with a chance for thankfulness and hope. Over the course of 2021, we have added staff to our team, growing to a team of 10! I am happy to have Dr. Querner as a full-time doctor on staff who is able to bring her expertise to our practice. Combined, we have 50 years of experience. We are excited about our team and how they collaborate and support each other which ultimately leads us to be the best caregivers possible for your fur family. We look forward to more opportunities to interact face to face so you can get to know our new staff in 2020! 
Our team at LVC is entering this season grateful but also in disbelief that we are already at the end of 2021 considering all the unprecedented events we have had this year. Our clinic has strived to stay open to serve our clients and stay as safe as possible. We have been fortunate to be able to stay open the entire pandemic and as scary as it was in the early days, we know we have been fortunate. Our mitigation plans and a heavy dose of luck have helped us be here for you. As always, your trust and support have played a huge role for Lakewood Vet Center. We also know that the pandemic has touched all your lives – some in ways that are heartbreaking and life-changing. We want to always be another touchpoint for support for our clients who we consider family.
The pandemic puppy and kitten phenomenon is truly an event we have loved being a part of it. We look forward to watching all these young pups and kittens grow into your loyal family members for years to come.
At LVC, we take the honor of lifetime care for your pets seriously. The hardest part of our field is helping our clients when it is time to say goodbye to their fur babies but we also strive to handle this important moment with compassion and care. For all of our clients who said goodbye this year to their dog or cat, we send out an extra hug. 
We also appreciate your support as we stuck to curbside care for an extended time to ensure safety. In July we did open our doors again but reassessed with the Delta variant and returned to curbside. We have continued looking at the safety levels locally and will reopen to in-person services on December 6th. (More details below!) 
As we look to the holidays and the start of 2022, we are so thankful for all our clients that have been here with us throughout the pandemic and as we move into post-pandemic life. Our staff has been amazing with their hard work and drive during this time, and we are so glad to have each of them.

Happy Holidays from Dr. Wright and the LVC crew!