Good Luck Oliver!

We are thrilled to announce that this fall, one of our vet techs, Oliver Milici, will start veterinary school at Ross University on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts!

Oliver joined us as a college intern in 2016, and for the last year he has worked with us as a full-time veterinary technician. “Oliver has been a great addition to our team,” said Dr. Wright. “He has been eager to learn and lend a hand from day one. We will truly miss him, but we know he is following his dream of becoming a veterinarian, and we wish him great success.” 

Oliver is a local Woodrow grad from East Dallas. He was always interested in science and growing up Oliver wanted to be an astronaut. Oliver read every book he could find on space (thanks to his PaJack) and his family took him to visit NASA in Houston. That’s when they realized he gets car sick, boat sick and air sick. The dream changed.

When the family inherited a cocker spaniel mix named Benny, Oliver helped his new pup deal with severe eczema. Benny was soon joined by a snake named Freddy when Oliver’s cousin left for college. This led to a new calling as a veterinarian for Oliver, so PaJack bought him every book imaginable on animals!  

Oliver went to college at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, which has a 10,000-acre farm and animals galore. He studied piglets his freshman year and knew he was on the right track. His college education, along with practical experience at Lakewood Vet, set him on his path.

“Dr. Wright has been an incredible mentor to Oliver,” said Oliver’s mother. “I feel all this will add to his success as a vet student this fall. He could not have done it without Lakewood Vet. Thank you so much for the years of training and loving on my son.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Oliver will start vet school online and hopes he can move to the island in January to start his second semester.

We wish Oliver the very best on his journey and look forward to seeing him when he is Dr. Milici!